running on cupcakes

On turning 30, having my cupcake (and eating it, too) and attempting to run a damn half marathon

Ice Cream of Doom

Getting ice cream can be hazardous to your health … Or, at least that’s what I’ve learned today.

I wanted ColdStone. It had been a rather rough two weeks between work and being sick, so I was really looking forward to some ice cream to help cheer my mood.

We’ve been battling some rather cold weather the last few weeks, so my thought was to hoof it to Squirrel Hill because it was forecast to be nice outside today and to help counteract all of the delicious calories and fat I was about to put in my belly.

My thought was that the walk was going to be pretty uneventful as it usually is — just a nice Autumn walk through the East End. I was approaching the next leg of my walk which leads me up a pretty steep hill. Of course, I want to die the whole time I’m trekking up the hill, but I know it’s a good cardio work out so I do it anyway.

At the intersection, a tractor trailer had the green light and began to turn left onto the street I was just walking up. Mentally, I was relieved because it meant that A.) He was going to take the whole light and then some to turn and B.) People who had the green light next would be a little more cautious.

As it turns out, I was pretty much wrong. I had the green light while the truck driver was still making his turn and kept my eye on the car coming toward me. The driver was heading straight so I knew I had time to cross the street safely and without incident.

What I didn’t know was that the behind the tractor trailer, some jerk ignored the red light (which had been red for at least 15 seconds) and came barreling through the intersection. Even worse — He was coming right for me.

A wave of panic spread over me and I tried to hasten my crossing. As I was sure that I was within seconds of being run over by this guy, he plowed right into the driver who was going straight.

It became apparent that the guy who caused the accident was considering driving away until the woman driver he hit (who as it turns out was driving with her grandson) informed him that she called the police and that he was going to have to stick around awhile. There were witnesses who saw everything that happened to me and her. Twice I heard, “Are you OK?! He almost hit you!” I could feel myself shaking as I nodded and shrugged it off.

Long story short, after the initial shock of what happened wore off, the grandmother said he hit her with such force that she began to feel dizzy and had to sit down. An ambulance took her away as a precautionary measure, but I hear she’ll be OK.

Unfortunately, a report wasn’t taken and my statement wasn’t officially entered so that kind of sucks. I did provide the grandmother my contact information as did another girl who witnessed the accident. Hopefully, we won’t have to go to any sort of hearing, but at least she has our account of what happened on her side.

Sadly enough, he didn’t seem too concerned that he could have potentially killed someone today. He couldn’t have been much older than me and I chalk it up to stupidity, extreme arrogance and recklessness on his part.

This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened to me, either. In the last two years, I have been within seconds or inches at least three or four times of being potentially killed by speeding drivers. It gives me pause because no matter how much you follow the rules, look both ways and try to be safe, you’re really not. All it takes is for one selfish person who thinks he or she is above the law to take it all away.

I’m not sure I believe in God’s existence, but there’s someone or something that doesn’t believe it’s my time just yet.

Through all of these instances, I’m reminded that life is fleeting … and at this point, I just hope I make it to 30.

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32 and Counting

So, this happened today …

Eight solid months of keeping myself active. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes, I’ve pretty much had to drag myself mentally kicking and screaming … But, it’s all paying off. I think.

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This is why I exercise …

I can eat stuff like this and not feel totally guilty …


… At least for tonight!


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I need my tunes, yo

If there’s one thing I can’t do without when I’m going to the gym, it’s music. I’m constantly looking for new tunes to add, so I’ll peruse the interwebs seeking that random hidden gem that’s gonna get me pumped. Not gonna lie, though — I hate most of the suggested “OMG! This is what we’re listening to right now and you should, too!!!” workout playlists that most mainstream fitness sites post. Perhaps I’m just totally weird, but I can’t really get into a workout if I have Carrie Underwood blasting in my ears.

I truly believe, as you do, that music has the power to influence our emotions and actions (to an extent). If I’m trying to get myself psyched up for a workout, you can bet I’m going to want anything loud, fast and perhaps borderline ridiculous.

So what’s on my workout playlist right now?


$hit like this.

Sorry, I’m not sorry.


P.S. Can I totally recommend the Premium subscription for Spotify? No, seriously. Get it. For $9.99 a month, you can make a playlist of whatever you want and even stream on your smartphone. It’s amazing. I even have my own Ke$ha playlist. Again … Sorry, I’m not sorry.

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This is a blog post.

I’ve repeatedly asked myself, Why am I even starting another blog when I can’t keep up with my other ones?

Beats the hell out of me.

And yet, here we are.

So, how did this come about? Read this and you’ll get the idea. In short: I used to be very fat, found out it wasn’t working for me anymore and decided to take steps to change it. Now — I’m healthier, happier and motivating myself to take control of my personal well-being.

I’m turning 30 early next year and I have a few wellness goals I want to attain. This blog is my outlet to document my achievements and frustrations as I work to reach them, smattered with other mundane details of my daily life. Perhaps I can also inspire someone who’s going through his/her own personal struggle on the road to good physical and mental health. It’s not easy. As someone who’s been through it, we all need someone we can look to for motivation.

So, I have two main goals for 2013:

  • Lose another 15 pounds and reach a size 6 by the time I hit my 30th birthday
  • Train for and run in the 2013 Pittsburgh Half Marathon

These goals sound simple enough, but for someone who still struggles to stay disciplined, they’ll be a good challenge.

I haven’t quite figured out my game plan yet, so I guess we’re all just gonna have to go along for the run (see what I did there?) — and cupcakes. There will always be cupcakes.



Oh, sweet baby Jesus, here we go.

I’ve started yet another blog.

This time, I hope to stick to it.

More soon.


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